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Real Name: Nehemiah Curtis James Profile: Blues and gospel singer and songwriter, playing both guitar and piano. Known for his distinctive falsetto vocals and minor-key guitar sound, played in an open D-minor tuning. Born: June 21, 1902, in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Died: October 3, 1969, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Cancer) Raised on the Woodbine plantation just outside Betonia, Mississippi, James was drawn to music from an early age. As a child he was inspired to be a musician after he heard Henry Stuckey and Rich Griffin play a Saturday night dance party. He taught himself piano after watching a rural pianist, and developed his guitar style after Stuckey showed him how to tune his guitar to an open E minor chord.


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Country Blues Encores
Garfield Akers; Ishman Bracey; Big Bill & Thomps; John Byrd; Jaybird Coleman; Sunny Boy & His Pals; Skip James; Tommy Johnson; Charlie Jordan; Rube Lacey; William Moore; Red Hot Old Mose; Isaiah Nettles; Blind Joe Reynolds; Henry Sims; Bill Wilber
Country Blues Encores
Origin Jazz Library Record Label; Album cover and record look new; Still covered in shrink wrap (opened); Track listing: Ishman Bracey – Saturday Blues; Blind Joe Reynolds – Outside Woman Blues; Tommy Johnson – Cool Drink Of Water; Henry Sims – Farrell Blues; Rube Lacey – Mississippi Jailhouse Groan; Jaybird Coleman – Man Trouble Blues; John Byrd – Old Timbrook Blues; Skip James – I'm So Glad; Red Hot Old Mose – Molly Man; Big Bill And Thomps – House Rent Stomp; Garfield Akers – Jumpin' And Shoutin' Blues; Charley Jordan – Keep It Clean; ''Bill'' Wilber – My Babe My Babe; Isaiah Nettles – It's Cold In China Blues; Sonny Boy And His Pals – Don't You Leave Me Here; William Moore – One Way Gal
Devil Got My Woman
Skip James
Devil Got My Woman
CPL 3666
Stardust Record Label; Album cover and record appear new; Compilation

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