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Lemonade OxbloodPart No. 1080A - MARBLE
Description: LEMONADE OXBLOOD 5/8", 9.4 A band of oxblood swirls on a translucent lemonade base. Fluoresces under black light. One special marble with vibrant colors.

Price: $55.00

Silver Oxblood Part No. 1081A - MARBLE
Description: SILVER OXBLOOD 9/16"+, 9.5 A good amount of oxblood swirls around a translucent white base. Nice color combination using distinctive patterns.

Price: $120.00

Egg Yolk Oxblood Part No. 1082A - MARBLE
Description: EGG-YOLK OXBLOOD 5/8"-, 9.4 A bright yellow band is edged with a dark oxblood line and it all swirls on atranslucent white base. Nicely and artfully done.

Price: $130.00

Orangeade Oxblood Part No. 1086A - MARBLE
Description: ORANGEADE OXBLOOD 11/16", 9.4 A slim but well-detailed oxblood band swirls with an attractive orange band on the surface of a lemonade base that fluoresces under blacklight. A beautiful and extremely rare oxblood. A very good example of a striking, eye-catching design.

Price: $335.00

Egg Yolk Oxblood Part No. 1087A - MARBLE
Description: EGG-YOLK OXBLOOD 11/16"+, 9.4 A slim but well-detailed band of oxblood swirls with a bright yellow band on the surface of a translucent white base. Eye appeal and definition are foremost.

Price: $160.00

Lemonade Oxblood Part No. 1089A - MARBLE
Description: LEMONADE OXBLOOD 3/4", 9.4 An interesting band of oxblood swirls on the surface of a bright lemonade base. Very good example of a nice color combination.

Price: $175.00

Brick Part No. 1095A - MARBLE
Description: BRICK 11/16", 8.8 Bright oxblood detailed with black and a touch of white swirls to form a"9" design and fat tail. Very distinct coloring and eye appeal make for a beautiful marble.

Price: $45.00

Brick Part No. 1096A - MARBLE
Description: BRICK 5/8"+, 8.5 Oxblood swirls to form a fat "9" design and tail. A beautiful example of a well-balanced design.

Price: SOLD

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