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Light House Collectibles

Light House Collectibles


For over 200 years, the light house has been there to protect and welcome home ships and sailors returning from sea voyages. Many countries of the world have used lighthouses to light the way of the ships at sea in the day, night or through inclement weather. Foghorns were used when visibility was limited. The first lighthouse recorded in history was built around 280 B.C. and the oldest standing lighthouse in the world is considered to be La Coruna in Spain that dates to 20 B.C.

Types of Light House Collectibles

A Light House Collectible is often purchased as a memento of a vacation to the seashore or brought back as a gift for a friend, relative or member of the family. This first souvenir may in many ways be the start of a Light House Collection that will grow in scope over time. Fortunately, there is an endless variety of lighthouses and related products.

Some of the most sought after types of Light House Collectibles are:

Lighthouse bird feeders
Lighthouse stained glass
Actual light houses from particular regions
Collectible plates
Key chains

Once you determine what type of collection you want, the internet can be an important resource in acquiring and building your collection, be it one or two pieces or one hundred.

Links of Interest

America's Lighthouses - Richard Hoffman's account of his 1995 lighthouse travel odyssey.

Beach Bum's Site, The - An ever-changing site that includes a lot of historical information, news and pictures of East Coast lighthouses.

Crisp Point Light Historical Society - This site is about the Crisp Point Lighthouse, located about 13 miles west of Whitefish Point on Lake Superior's southern shore in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Cyberlights Lighthouse Page - See over 700 photos, information, maps, directions, and more on over 120 lighthouses from Maine to New Jersey, California, Florida, Canada, Bermuda, and Italy!

Dan's Lighthouse Page - Dedicated to those who keep the lights.

Harbour Lights - The Internet Index of Lighthouse Links.

Legendary Lighthouses - Exploring the history, legends, lore and workings of lighthouses along American shorelines.

Lighthouse Cruises - At The Elms' Bead & Breakfast, you can book a tour via boat of up to 7 coastal lighthouses near Camden, Maine.

Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey - A comprehensive guide to the lighthouses of Michigan,
The Great Lakes, America, and the world.

Lighthouses by Don Uvick - A great lighthouse image collection mainatined by Don Uvick.

Maine Light Company - Lighthouse Products and Photographic Art

National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Program - The U.S. Department of Interior is responsible for preserving historic lighthouses.

New England Lighthouses - A Virtual Guide - Take a tour of 189 lighthouses in six New England states with original photography, history, cruise information, antique postcards and more.

North American Lighthouses by Frederic Kohli - Collectibles, Gifts, Paintings

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