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Interested in selling your marble collection? Were you given marbles as a gift? Had them as a small child? Settling an estate? Cleaning out a closet, basement or attic? We buy marble collections large and small. We are looking to buy collectible marbles in any condition and marble-related items. These include the marble types seen in our on-line catalog, original boxes tins and bags,tournament medals and pins, advertising, postcards and manufacturer's trade items. Do you have a collection of your own you are interested in selling? Please e-mail us or call us for a quick reply. Listed below is a sample of marbles we are interested in buying:


Handmade Marbles

  • Slags, opaques & clearies
  • Large Swirls - especially solid, ribbon and divided cores
  • Multi-stage and colored glass swirls
  • Gooseberries and colored base clambroths
  • Peppermints (especially large peppermints)
  • Onionskin Lutzes
  • Large Onionskins
  • Joseph Coats and Banded Opaques
  • Sulfides
  • Micas
  • Indians
  • Agates



  • Leightons
  • Regular, ground,melted, pinpoint, fold & crease pontils


Machine-made Marbles

M.F. Christensen & Son
  • Bricks
  • Persian Oxbloods
  • Swirls & Slags

Christensen Agate Company

  • Flames & Diaper-Folds
  • Striped Opaques, Bloodies &Turkeys
  • Guineas & Cobras

Akro Agate

  • Oxbloods in clear, egg yolk, lemonade & limeade
  • Moonies, Flinties, Slags & Patches
  • Popeyes: hybrids and shooters
  • Sparklers with very bright colors, shooters
  • Orange and Blue Experimentals
  • Two-color & Tri-color corkscrews
  • Aventurine
Marble King Marbles
  • Spidermen, Watermelons, Dragonflys, Wasps, Green Hornets
  • "Killer" Hybrids
  • Aventurine and Oxblood
  • Pee Wees and Double Ingots
  • Tigers and Girl Scouts
  • St. Mary's shooter Cat's Eyes (2 or more colors)
Vitro Agate Marbles
  • Swirls
  • Blackies, All-Reds, Parrots, Oxbloods
  • Victory, Conqueror, Tri-color Patch, Cat's-eyes, Hybrid Cats-eyes


Master Marble Master Glass Company

  • Sunburst, Tiger Eye
  • Meteor Patch, Comet


Ravenswood Novelty Company

  • Multicolor swirl


Champion Agate Company

  • Swirls, Wire pulls, Old fashioned


Peltier Glass Company

  • Aventurine
  • Picture Marble (Comic)
  • Bananas, Root Beer Float
  • Patch & Aventurine, Nova
  • Champion Jrs., Champagne, Pumpkin, Sunset, Peerless
  • Zebras, Rainbos, Bumblebees, Wasps
  • Miller swirls
  • Christmas Trees, Liberties, Supermen, Rebels
  • Ketchup & Mustard, Tigers and Cub Scouts
  • Slags with good feathering



  • All types


Marble Trade Items

  • Advertising, postcards, bags and tins
  • Manufacturer's literature, company documents, dealer displays
  • Tournament pins, medals, photos and related items

Please contact us through one of the following methods:

antiques, collectibles, marbles, records CALL US


8am to 10pm

When you call, please have the items with you at the phone that you wish to sell. This way you will be able to accurately describe the type and style of marbles, conditons, manuafacturer's marks and other details.


antiques, collectibles, marbles, records EMAIL US


E-mail us @Sedona Antiques

Please include a complete description of the marbles including size, type, manufacturer, color and condition or personal knowledge of it's history. Condition should include scratches, chips, wear and original packaging.


antiques, collectibles, marbles, records SHIPPING INFORMATION


Ship marbles to:

Sedona Antiques
P.O. Box 295
Sedona, Arizona  86339

  • Please package the item well to protect it from damage in shipping.
  • Package should be insured for the full retail value.

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