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A History of Glass Making

The history of glass making is very old and even now is covered in the deepest mystery. Natural glass has existed since the beginning of time, formed when certain types of rocks melt as a result of high temperature occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes or the impact of meteorites, and then cool and solidify rapidly. The Phoenicians and the Egyptians argued for centuries over who had first discovered the art of glass making. According to the ancient Roman historian Pliny, a group of merchants returning from Egypt with a large cargo of "natron" (know today as sodium carbonate), stopped one evening along the banks of the river Belus to rest. Not able to find stones on which to place the utensils required for the preparation of their evening meal, they used instead some blocks of natron and lit a fire nearby that continued to burn throughout the night. With the intense heat of the fire, the blocks melted and mixed with the sand of the beach to form an opaque, shiny material. The Phoenicians realized at once the importance of the discovery and in their cities of Tyre and Sidon, organized an industry that produced various objects with this new, shiny material called glass.

The art of glass making eventually reached Egypt. The Egyptians used a method called core-forming. A shaped core was made of clay and dung, then molten glass was wrapped around it and shaped by rolling it on a smooth surface. Very much later, around the end of the 1st century B.C., a new method, glass blowing, would revolutionize glass production. This art was probably discovered along the Eastern Mediterranean coast, probably in Syria. This technique is achieved by a glass blower who blows air into a glob of molten glass from one end of a long, hollow rod. He then blows the glass into various shapes and forms. Once it is in the form that the artist wants, they then transfer the piece to a pontil rod for further finishing. Alternately, he can blow the molten glass into a mold that has been designed for a piece. The glass will fill the mold at which time it is allowed to cool. Once cool the mold will be opened and the glass will carry the imprint of the mold. The glass blowing innovation, along with the backing of the powerful Roman Empire, made glass products more accessible to the common people. As the size of the Roman Empire increased, the art of glass making spread to many countries.

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