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Adam Ant is the stage name of Stuart Leslie Goddard (born November 3 ,1954 ,London ,England ), who was the lead singer of the highly successful 1980s pop group Adam and the Ants . Though he started out playing jagged punk rock music, he gradually altered his image, evolving into a more mainstream pop star. Like David Bowie, Madonna, and other pop-music shapeshifters, Adam was notorious for reinventing his image with each album release. Unfortunately, as Adam migrated his image to more pop idol, and less punk movement, his fan base shrunk in favor of the more fickle teeny bopper set. Ant was representative of the 'Art School Punk' contingent that were followers of the original punk groups and can be seen in the audience in film of early Sex Pistols gigs. His first major outing as an actor was in 1978 in the Derek Jarman film Jubilee , in which he played a character and performed songs. One of the tracks from the soundtrack, 'Deutscher Girls' was released as a single after the Ants hit the charts in 1981. The high point of Ant's career came in the first three years of the 1980s, when Adam and the Ants had several chart-topping hits, including "Stand and Deliver," "Dog Eat Dog," "Prince Charming," and "AntRap." Ant seized the opportunities provided by music videos on the new MTV channel. His colorful, charismatic onscreen persona was perfect for the new medium, and he joined contemporaries Duran Duran in blazing a trail as pop video stars.



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Dirk Wears White Sox
Adam And The Ants
Dirk Wears White Sox
FE 38698
Epic Records Label; Album cover has minor wear; Record appears new; Includes the original inner photo/song title/lyric liner sleeve; Track listing: Car Trouble; Kick; Digital Tenderness; Nine Plan Failed; Family Of Noise; Tabletalk; Zerox; Cleopatra; Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face); Animals And Men; The Idea; Whip In My Valise
Friend Or Foe
Adam Ant
Friend Or Foe
FE 38370
Epic Records Label
12 Inch Single
Strip / Yours Yours Yours
Adam Ant
Strip / Yours Yours Yours
TA 3589
CBS Records Label; Album cover and record appear new; Import from England; Track listing: Strip; Yours Yours Yours

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